LC-100 Tank Level Indicator

Engineered originally for the Offshore & Marine markets.  Proven record of success in 20 years of use in harsh environments.

The LC-100 pulsed bubbler is one of the most accurate, reliable level indicators on the market with features not found on any other competitor’s product.  Engineered and proven in Offshore & Marine markets, LevelComs have a proven record of success in over 20 years of use in harsh environments.  LC-100’s are currently used in marine, offshore, manufacturing, materials processing, environmental and wastewater applications.

All electronics are outside the tank eliminating the need for costly tank cleaning and Marine chemist certification making maintenance and service quicker, safer and more economical.  Only the bubbler tube and supply air come in contact with the liquid, making this system ideal for applications involving hazardous, corrosive, liquids and  slurries.  For hazardous area installation, the LC-100 controls can be located up to 600 feet away from the tank. The pneumatic tubing isolates the hazardous from the safe area.

In normal mode the LC-100 automatically zeros its sensor to atmosphere every 30 minutes.  The bubbler tube is purged at regular intervals to keep the line clear.  Self-diagnostics check the system for both pneumatic and electronic faults. Errors if found, are displayed on the screen and can be set to activate an alarm to alert the operator.

All values and alarm set points are displayed in either English or Metric units of measure, (depth, volume or weight) on the digital display.

  • With Pulsed bubbler technology, the LC-100 automatically monitors level, zeroes the sensor, runs a purge cycle and performs pneumatic and electronic self diagnostics.
  • Valved manifold controls air flow, accurately monitors liquid levels with a minimal air usage.
  • User Programmable Specific Gravity – applicable for the majority of liquids in varying densities.
  • 10 point tank configuration table for accurate volume & weight with irregular tanks
  • Automated operating cycles
  • Alarm and Control Relays
  • Communications:  Modbus, Profibus, Analog 4 to 20mA, Ethernet and Dual Communication  Analog/Modbus

Applications:  Ships, Dry Docks, Vessel Draft Indication, Caustics, Acids, Slurries, Hot Tanks, Process Fluids, Sumps, etc.