Offshore Applications

“Their sensors are robust and  extremely accurate. They are the best I’ve used over the past 32 years of building ballast control  systems. ”

“The Levelcom system is very well designed and engineered.  The incredible robustness,  accuracy of the system and redundant capabilities  are better than we have found with other technologies.”



Offshore applications include:

  • Semi Submersible Ballast Control – Rig Stability Monitoring System
  • Jack Up Rigs – Preload System
  • Supply Vessels – Mud Tanks, Fuels, Brine
  • Rig / Vessel Draft Indicator


The LevelCom 100 utilizes pulsed pneumatic (bubbler) depth sensing technology and resolves the problems long associated with older style continuous flow bubblers.

LevelCom tank level indicators feature, “Pulsed Bubbler Technology“.  “Pulsed Bubbler Technology” combines microprocessors with the proven accuracy and dependability of a hydrostatic bubbler.
Most pressure transducers only provide analog  (4 to 20 mA) signals for  a high and low measurement.
LevelCom’s can supply analog signals, Modbus, Profibus and Ethernet communications.   Besides a high and low information Levelcom’s communicate  system status,  provide control relays and alarm functions.

The LC-100 self diagnostics monitor the system both pneumatically and electronically.  Features include  automatic leak and plugged line detection, air pressure,  and an automatic “hardware zero” that compensates for pressure differentials.  If an abnormal condition is detected, the LC-100 will display the appropriate error message on the digital display and/or provide the data on the communication bus to alert the operator.

In bulkhead tanks LC-100′s maintain system integrity with a 10 point tank table that can be programmed to compensate for tank shape, providing a more accurate readings.  The automatic specific gravity option is primarily to indicate level on mud tanks.

Depending of the system configuration and the type of tank, the Levelcoms can be programmed to give various alarm signals, such as tank high or low or can be programmed for engineers alarms to alert the operator of a critical conditions.  The large local display shows a 100 section bar graph to indicate tank level and the numeric display shows contents in digital format in either English or Metric units.

LevelCom’s configured with Modbus, Profibus or Modbus TCP options not only display the tank level information, alarms and controls on the vessels  Ballast Control System (BCS), Vessel Management System (VMS) , Engineers Console,  but they give the operator redundant displays and the ability to program and acknowledge alarms remotely.


 The LC-100 is ABS type approved, DNV compliant and UL Listed.


LC-100 Options include:

  •  0 to 180 ft range (0-55 meters)
  • 3 power choices – 120 VAC, 240VAC, 24VDC
  • RS 422/232/ 485  Modbus,  Profibus or Ethernet
  • Analog output 4-20 mA
  • Differential Pressure
  • Programmable Specific Gravity (SG)
  • Alarms and Control Relays
  • Digital Repeater Communication Module
  • NEW Redundant communication mode – Modbus with Analog Outputs


   LC-100 Data Sheet 



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