LC400 Level Monitor

Continuous level measurement for outdoor applications. For wells, tanks, sumps, reservoirs and settling ponds

The LevelCom LC-400 continuously measures liquid levels without the need for a pressure sensor, cable or transducer in the well, eliminating common failure points while providing accurate level readings and dependable performance.

LevelCom’s “Pulsed Bubbler Technology” combines microprocessors with bubbler technologies, enabling automated operating cycles, SCADA and self-diagnostic capabilities. Only the stationary bubbler tube and purge gas are in contact with the liquid.  The LC-400 system ideal for applications involving hazardous locations, highly corrosive, viscous, hot, explosive, suspended solids (slurry) liquids.

Installation requires only a connection to an air supply, electrical power source and bubbler tube (PVC, ABS, fiberglass, stainless steel, etc.). LevelComs can be operated with compressed air or nitrogen.  Service if needed, can be performed from safely above ground, without taking the tank or well head apart, reducing downtime and cost while minimizing risks.

  • Easy Installation and Setup
  • Monitors without electronics (sensors) in the liquid
  • Eliminates downtime and replacement costs due to failed pressure transducers
  • 4 Alarm set points— high to low
  • Configurable Relays for Pump or Valve Operation
  • Displays Depth, Weight or Volume–English or Metric
  • NEMA 4X outdoor rated enclosure with several door options
  • Automatic sensor zero
  • Programmable Purge cycles
  • Long service life with low maintenance
  • Made In USA

Options: Data Logger with SCADA software, Control relays for pump activation, Network Communications.

Applications: Ground Water, Hazardous Waste, Acids, Corrosives, Liquids with varying viscosities, High Temperature and Specific gravities.