LC-101 Tank Level Meter / Display with Modbus Output

The LC-101 can be used with any type sensor that has an Analog output (4 to 20mA), pressure transducers, floats, ultrasonic, etc.   Designed for use in applications where operators need more information than a standard panel meter will provide.  The LC-101 is engineered specifically for use in tanks and provides real time information on levels and system status.  Values are displayed on the bar graph as a per cent of capacity and on the numerical display in engineering units of your choosing, English, Metric, barrels, gallons, etc.

The LC-101 can be used as a stand alone local display or when used in conjunction with a LevelCom LC-100 it can act as a repeater in a remote location.  The LC-101 comes standard with a  Modbus Communication Output.  The LC-101 is ABS type approved and UL certified.

  • Easy Installation and Setup
  • 10 point tank configuration table for accurate volume & weight with irregular tanks
  • User Programmable Specific Gravity – applicable for the majority of liquids in varying densities.
  • Alarm and Control Relays
  • Communications: Modbus RTU
  • Self Diagnostics

Applications:  All tanks using analog output sensors