Steam Plant Draft Gauge

The LevelCom DG–100 CPGB electronic bar graph draft gauge replaces obsolete, unreliable and expensive to maintain mechanical draft (low pressure) gauges.

The DG-100’s solid state pressure sensor allows it to maintain accurate calibration over a wider range of temperatures and operating conditions, than older mechanical style pressure gauge elements.  The DG-100 gauges are fully self contained requiring only a connection to the pneumatic signal tubing and electrical power for operation.

The DG-100 also features automatic sensor zeroing to compensate for sensor drift and a highly visible 80 segment bar graph.



  • Available in single or multiple (up to 6 gang) gauge assemblies
  • Custom Scale Imprinting
  • Upper & Lower limit LED’s provide visible warnings when the input pressure moves out of range
  • Accurate & reliable, no operator intervention required
  • Configurable LED display bar graph or dot mode


  • High/Low Alarms—select relay action (fail on, fail off) for flexible alarm functions
  • Available as a 4 to 20 milliamp process indicators