Landfill Leachate Monitoring and Pump Control

Landfill leachate is a very corrosive liquid that decreases the service life of submersible sensors. Leachate levels must be continually measured and controlled to comply with Federal, State and local EHS regulations. Maximum level of leachate allowed in the bottom of the landfill sump is 18”. Accuracy is paramount and it is difficult to verify… Read More..

Remote Landfill Well Monitoring

A leachate sump located in a remote area of a decommissioned landfill near a wetland site needs to be monitored. The old landfill was not engineered with a liner so the sump needs to be maintained below the level of a nearby lake to prevent leachate from migrating into the environment. Sump levels must be… Read More..

Acid Storage Tank Level Indication

Silicon foundry experiencing repeated failure with in tank sensors for tanks holding concentrated levels of sulfuric and nitric acid. Service life of the tank mounted sensors and sensor components exposed to the acids was unacceptably short. Tank level sensor replacement was very costly and hazardous. Sensors need to monitor tank levels and interface with the… Read More..

Drill Mud Tank Gauging in Offshore Vessels

Offshore support vessels have tanks equipped to carry and replenish drill mud on ships and rigs. Drill mud viscosity varies from free flowing to the consistency of pancake batter. Drill muds can be either water based or oil based. Specific gravity of drill mud can vary greatly from one batch to the next causing difficulties… Read More..