About Us

Technical Marine Service, Inc. (TMS) was formed in 1987 as a marine automation and controls shop and quickly gained a reputation as an innovative company that could design, build, repair and replace most any shipboard controls.In 1994 Technical Marine Service, (TMS Inc.) developed the first generation of a new bubbler technology, that became known as a “pulsed” bubbler using microprocessors,  integrated circuits, hardware and software to create a tank level indicator that did not require mechanical flow meters or the need for constant supply of compressed air.  TMS’s goal was to create a very accurate, reliable and durable Level Indicating system that would include features critical in marine applications such as: multiple high and low alarm set points,  communication modules, self diagnostics and automated operating cycles.

The LC-100 eliminated the need for hazardous liquid mercury to be used as the gauges indicating fluid.   Air usage was minimized  by use of a valved manifold that uses less than 0.05 SCFM per cycle.  User programmable specific gravity allows for a single style of level indicator to be used across a wide variety of liquids that can vary in composition, viscosity and temperature.

LevelComs are found in many marine applications and can also be found in applications as diverse as high tech manufacturing, materials processing, mining, municipal water, waste water plants and environmental monitoring.

Our mission at TMS is to provide our customers with the finest products and services for any size job we do, from the smallest repair to the largest installation.