Welcome to Levelcom

LevelCom100AngleLoRez TMS Levelcom is the leading manufacturer of continuous level monitoring systems and measurement gauges using pulsed bubblers for what we call “Advanced Bubbler Technology”.   Advanced Bubbler Technologycombines microprocessors with the proven accuracy and dependability of a hydrostatic bubbler.Levelcom’s feature:

  • Programmable specific gravity
  • Pneumatic and electronic self diagnostics
  • Alarms & Control relays
  • Analog, Modbus, Profibus or Ethernet communication


Levelcom Products:

  • LC-100 Tank Level Indicator (0 to 180 feet)
  • LC-101 Bar Graph Digital Display (for use with any 4 – 20 mA sensor)
  • LC-300 Deep Well Monitor (to 2000 feet)
  • LC-400 Level Monitoring System (NEMA 4X)
  • DG-100 Electronic Low Pressure Combustion Gas Draft Gauge


Levelcoms have a wider range of applications and better versatility than most other tank level gauges.  Levelcom’s are the best choice for applications with liquids that are problematic for other types of tank level indicators.  Some examples are, thick low viscosity liquids, suspended solids, varying specific gravity, acids, corrosives, foaming problems and hot process fluids.

Levelcom tank level indicators are widely used in marine, offshore, industrial and civil applications. 

For accuracy, dependability and a very long service life, choose Levelcom.