The LevelCom Tank Level Indicator Advantage

“Bubbler Technology Redefined” 

With a wider range of applications and more versatility than any other liquid level sensor, LevelComs are the best choice for liquids that are problematic for other types of tank level indicators. Applications include; ballast, fuels, service tanks, suspended solids, heated process fluids, bio-hazards, corrosives and wastewater.  Service if required is done outside the tank, eliminating the need to empty, clean, gas free and certify the tank is safe for entry, resulting in significant savings over the life of the sensor.

LevelCom communication modules include, Modbus, Analog (4 to 20 mA) Profibus, and Ethernet.  A dual mode option, featuring both Analog and Modbus communication has been developed for applications where fiber optic/Analog network redundancy is required.

Most LevelCom standard catalog products can be easily modified with alternate fittings, connectors and enclosures. Custom solutions can also be developed, many times delivered in OEM volumes with shorter lead times than most industry off-the-shelf solutions.

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Detailed specifications on these and other liquid level sensors and may be found in the links on the product pages.


Depths from 0 to 2000 feet.
120 VAC or 24VDC power
User Programmable Specific Gravity
Built in self diagnostics
Alarms & Control relays

LevelCom Products:
  • LC-100 Tank Level Indicator (0 to 180 feet)
  • LC-101 Bar Graph Digital Display (for use with any 4 – 20 mA sensor)
  • LC-300 Deep Well Monitor (to 2000 feet)
  • LC-400 Level Monitoring System (NEMA 4X enclosure)
  • DG-100 Electronic Low Pressure Combustion Gas Draft Gauge

Accurate, Dependable Tank Level Indication with a Very Long Service Life!