The Levelcom Advantage

The leader in Pulsed Bubbler Technology” 

We are the leading manufacturer of tank level indicators, (TLI’s) and continuous liquid level monitoring systems using Pulsed Bubbler Technology“.

Pulsed Bubbler Technology combines the accuracy and dependability of a hydrostatic bubbler with microprocessor technology to make the Levelcom Liquid Level Computer.   Levelcoms will monitor virtually any liquid, regardless of viscosity, PH, corrosives, foam, or temperature.  If you can blow a bubble through it, a Levelcom can measure it.  Communication modules include, Modbus, Profibus, 4 to 20 mA and Ethernet.  Levelcoms easily interface with any Ballast Control, Vessel Management or SCADA system.

With a wider range of applications and greater versatility than any other liquid level sensor, Levelcom is the best choice for applications with liquids that are problematic for other types of tank level indicators.  Applications include; ballast, fuel, service and pre-load tanks, suspended solids and hot process fluids.

With Levelcom, one model of TLI can monitor all of your liquid levels, eliminating the need for a multiple sensor technologies and varying communication platforms. This is the Levelcom Advantage.


  • Depths from 0 to 2000 feet.
  • 120 VAC or 24VDC power
  • Programmable specific gravity allows application for most all liquids
  • Pneumatic and electronic self diagnostics
  • Alarms & Control relays


Levelcom Products:

  • LC-100 Tank Level Indicator (0 to 180 feet)
  • LC-101 Bar Graph Digital Display (for use with any 4 – 20 mA sensor)
  • LC-300 Deep Well Monitor (to 2000 feet)
  • LC-400 Level Monitoring System (NEMA 4X enclosure)
  • DG-100 Electronic Low Pressure Combustion Gas Draft Gauge



Accurate, Dependable Tank Level Indication, Very Long Service Life